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Amblyseius Californicus (Neoseiulus Californicus)

Amblyseius Californicus (Neoseiulus Californicus)

Brand: Growers House BCA

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Target Pests: Two-spotted spider mites, broad mites, cyclamen mites, russet hemp mites, rust mites, persea mites (avocado mites), and other mites. 

Preferred Food: Two-spotted spider mites and many other mite species. Reproduction rates are best when spider mites are the primary food source. These predatory mites consume egg, nymph and adult stages of pest mites.

Optimum Conditions: 50-105°F, 40-60% RH. Significantly cooler and warmer temperatures will slow and/or inhibit reproduction and development. Higher humidity is generally necessary with higher temperatures; however, N. californicus can persist in low humidity environments with limited food sources. The slower pace that these predatory mites feed at (5 mites per day) and their ability to sustain themselves on pollen allows them to survive longer in low pest populations. A full life cycle for N. californicus lasts between one to two weeks and is significantly influenced by temperature. At 85°F Californicus will develop from eggs to adults in 5 days. 

Release Rates: 2-4 mites per sq. ft. 1-2 sachets per plant depending on infestation levels. Repeat applications every 2-4 weeks depending on infestation levels. 

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