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GrowersHouse Mix of all Trichogramma species/card - Control - Looper, Caterpillar

GrowersHouse Mix of all Trichogramma species/card - Control - Looper, Caterpillar

Brand: Growershouse BCA

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Mix of all Trichogramma species/card


Mix of all Trichogramma species/cards are beneficial insects that can control Looper and Caterpillar pests.

Application Rate Recommendations for Mix of all Trichogramma species/cards:

  • 1 card per 1000 sq. ft.

How-To Use Mix of all Trichogramma species/card For Best Results:

  • Remove the card from the package and hang it on a plant or stake in the area where you want to control pests.
  • The Trichogramma will emerge from the card and begin searching for pest eggs.
  • The Trichogramma will lay its eggs inside the eggs of moths preventing the moth egg from hatching into a caterpillar. This prevents the damage caused by the feeding caterpillars, and also breaks the life cycle of the pest, effectively preventing the pest from reproducing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Mix of all Trichogramma species/card is cost-effective compared to chemical-based management of plant diseases.
  • By decomposing organic matter, Trichoderma fungi also facilitate nutrition availability for plants (biomass) and contribute to carbon and nitrogen cycles, and hence play a key role in the development of the crop.
  • Trichogramma wasps are used for control of numerous crops and plants; these include cotton, sugarcane, vegetables, sugarbeets, orchards, and forests.
  • Some of the pests controlled include cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera), codling moth (Cydia pomonella), lightbrown apple moth (Epiphyas postvittana), and European corn borer (Ostrinia).

Item Numbers:

BW-TMIX - card 100K

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