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GrowersHouse Phytoseiulus persimilis - Beneficial Insects - Control - Two Spotted Spider Mite

GrowersHouse Phytoseiulus persimilis - Beneficial Insects - Control - Two Spotted Spider Mite

Brand: Growershouse BCA

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Phytoseiulus persimilis


Best known for their ability to control spider mites. 

Application Rate Recommendations for Persimilis:

  • Preventative: 1-3 per sq. ft. E.g., if you have 5,000 sq. ft. of canopy and want to do 2 per square foot, you'd need (5,000 sq. ft. / 2) = 2.5k. 
  • Moderate Infestation: 5+ per sq. ft. 
  • Heavy Infestation--Webbing/Outbreak: 10+ per sq. ft.
  • Phytoseiulus Persimilis is most effective when applied at the first sign of a mite infestation in your garden. Because of Persimils high reproduction rate, Persimilis usually exhausts its food supply and eventually dies out, therefore repeated introductions are recommended until all sites with spider mite infestations have Persimilis present.
  • With active infestations, it's best to release weekly or every other week. For preventative measures it's best to release every other week or monthly.

    How-To Use Persimilis For Best Results:

    • Ideally use as soon as they arrive. If you need to store them, store for a maximum of 2 days at 42-50 °F (6-10 °C).
    • Store the bottle horizontally.
    • Apply at the trunk or base of plants. Persimilis tends to move upward on plants. 
    • When Persimilis is noticeable on every infested leaf you will have the highest chance of success with your biological control program. 
    • If infestation is high (visible webbing) use a compatible pesticide such as insecticidal soap to reduce spider mite numbers before releasing Persimilis.
    • If relative humidity is above 60% and can be maintained, you can release spider mite predator Feltiella acarisuga along side Persimilis for improved results.
    • If relative humidity is below 60% and can be maintained, you can release spider mite predator Stethorus punctillum along side Persimilis for improved results. 
    • Note that it may take 2-6 weeks before infested plants will show new plant growth improvement. 

    Features & Benefits:

  • Predatory mites that devour two-spotted spider mites and other types of spider mites
  • Sprinkle loose material on top of plant foliage

  • Available Sizes: Bottle

    Registered for Use In: USA

    Item Numbers:

    BW-PP2V - 30 ml vial 2K in vermiculite

    BW-PP2 - 8 oz bottle 2K in vermiculite

    BW-PP5 - 8 oz bottle 5K in vermiculite

    BW-PP10 - 16 oz bottle 10K in vermiculite

    BW-PP10S - 16 oz bottle 10K in shavings

    BW-PP25 - 16 oz bottle 25K in vermiculite

    BW-PP25S - 16 oz bottle 25K in shavings

    BW-P25L - 1 liter bottle 25K in vermiculite

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    Because we ship live insects and want them to arrive to you as freshly as possible, we only ship Monday through Wednesday. This means your shipment will arrive Tuesday through Thursday, possibly Friday if there are any unforeseen delays such as bad weather. Since FedEx does not ship over the weekend, we do not want insects to sit in a fulfillment center where they have a greater chance of not arriving to your garden fresh-as-can-be.

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